Do you let your kids believe in Santa?

A mandatory part of parenting is figuring out how you want your kids to be raised (sounds fun right).

Last night my husband and I were discussing whether or not we want the kids to believe in Santa.  I’m not talking about the religious reasons behind Christmas just Santa himself. Growing up my husband celebrated Kwanzaa and I celebrated Christmas. I personally would like my kids to know that the gifts come from mom and dad but I still want to educate them on the history of St. Nicholas so they understand why Santa is associated with Christmas.

Can we address the elephant in the room: My husband didn’t know that Santa is based off of true person, which I guess is fair seeing as how he grew up (but seriously, who doesn’t know about st. Nick).

My husband on the other hand would rather them not get to caught up with the whole idea of Santa Claus. His reasoning is that they will get made fun of in school because “nobody else will believe in Santa”. He is with me on telling the kids that the gifts come from us though but surprisingly, he isn’t gung ho about them strictly celebrating Kwanzaa.

We came up with the idea to incorporate both of our views. We will celebrate both! We will tell them the gifts are from us but still give them the history of St. Nick and start Kwanzaa after Christmas is over.  Instead of buying lots of gifts for both (YIKES) we will buy  gifts that they open on Christmas like “normal” and then more meaningful small gifts or gifts of knowledge (you can never have too much knowledge) that incorporate the meaning of the days in Kwanzaa.

What are your thoughts? What’s your family tradition?

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