As the day of thanks approaches I want to take some time and reflect on somethings that I am thankful for. Of course this post is not to boast or brag but I think its important to give recognition and thanks to the things/people that help me be me. The following are in no specific order of importance.

Family, Friends & GOD

  • It’s all possible thanks to the man upstairs. Everything that I have prayed for this year has come to me, not always right when I wanted but always on time.
  • My family has a way of really grinding my gears but I don’t know where I would be without them.
  • I don’t have many people that I call friend but for those of you that I consider a friend just know that I am grateful for you. It doesn’t matter how often we speak or hangout just know that you are awesome!

My husband and Kids

I had to give them their own category because those three are my reason for pushing. I work hard and go hard for THEM. They are my world! At my LOWEST points they are there. At my HIGHEST points they are there. Shit, they are ALWAYS there. My husband and kids are literally my reason for breathing.

My Health and sane mind

I am pretty blessed to have overall good health. I cant be anything but blessed to have all 5 senses. Working as a counselor has made me be grateful for my sane mind. This is in no way meant to insult those who suffer from mental illness but counseling has taught me that there is ALWAYS someone out there who has it worse than you and can really make you appreciate the little stuff in life.

Roof over my head and transportation

There’s no place like home!!There is no better feeling than having your own! I put transportation on this list because the amount of freedom that you feel when you don’t have to depend on others to get you around is AMAZING.


I am thankful for having a job. It provides me with the means to support my children. I am also thankful for being able to work in a field that I am interested in.


What are somethings that you are grateful for and why? I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and for those who don’t celebrate, I just hope you have a wonderful day in general.


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