This is my Best friend Ashley


I LOVEEEE this picture of her even though its some years old because it describes her perfectly. When ever I see this picture I think of a strong woman walking through life with her head held high ready to conquer anything that gets in her way. If I had to pick a theme song for Ash it would be Rihanna- Diamonds.

Let me tell ya’ll a little bit about Ashley aka CASH….

I met Ashley in college. We were both in the HEOP program. We were all in the common area having a meeting and in walks Ash…. mad late. I remember thinking…”I’m glad that’s not me because I hate being the center of attention. From the moment I met her cash has always had the biggest personality. She has a laugh that is so contagious because its so loud and hearty. If you didn’t expect it,it would honestly startle you.

I gave her the nickname cash because it rhymes with Ash… obviously…. also because of that 2 chainz song- make it rain. I would sing the hook (“You wanna see some ass…
I wanna see some cash”)  to her and she would always turn up no matter where we were. See the thing about cash is it doesn’t matter where we are she doesn’t stop being her, so fun.


The night that solidified our friendship was the night we sat on her dorm floor, shared a bottle of wine and talked about EEVVERRRYYTTHIIINNGG. We didn’t have a crok screw so we STRUGGLED with a knife but we got that bottle open!


We always have sooo much fun together!! Here’s some old college photos of us

Cash is literally my female soulmate! I’ve never met someone with a personality like hers, it must be the Brooklyn in her. She’s always so full of life. Even when things are bothering her, she puts on a brave face and a bright smile.


We are always plotting something crazy and ready for any adventure when we are together. I don’t think many people have a person that they can literally count on for anything and I am so luck to have been blessed with one. We’ve laughed together, cried together,  and had mild disagreements together ( nothing to serious, we’re to classy for that).

There’s was no doubt in my mind on who the godmother of my kids would be. She was SOOOOO excited when I asked her, it was so adorable. She took on the role and treats my kids just like they are hers. She is miles away but still makes her presence known.

This post is just to give everyone an introduction on my BEST-FRIEND as I would need to write a book WITH sequels to  really describe our friendship to everyone!

To Cash,

Hey my love, how you doin’ good looking? I want to thank you for being such a great friend and god milf! I couldn’t imagine my life without you. Please don’t ever stop being you. You are truly one of a kind. I can’t wait to cuss each other out in old age and then laugh historically at how old and crazy we are.

Love you always,



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