When life tries to knock you down… punch that bitch in the face!

Ohh myyy gaawwdd  it’s been forever since I’ve written a blog post. I would say that I’ve been super busy but honestly I lost some passion to write. Shit, I lost passion to do anything that I enjoy in these past months.

I’m sure stress played a role in my feelings. It seems like 2018 is my year to deal with other people’s bullshit. Ironically enough my stress is coming from other people. How is that? I’m usually the strong one. I’m the friend that people usually go to for support but for the past couple months I’ve been needing the support.

So here’s a recap of my life thus far…

My living situation fucking sucks… I have family as upstairs neighbors and I thought that it would be a good thing.. you know all kumbaya and shit. NOPE. It’s been a NIGHTMARE!

A family member broke into my house and luckily was caught on camera.. but get this that’s not even the fucked up part this person had a key to MY apartment from the previous tenants and was using it this whole time when we weren’t home. I only found out because of the new security system we installed a couple months ago…. If you are wondering, yes this person was confronted and no, they didn’t admit it even after learning about the video footage… I felt and still do feel violated and taken advantage of.

My job got super demanding and I was working 130 plus hours a week (all evening and overnight hours) while still being a mom to a toddler and a baby during the day..

This is all happened in the span of like 4 months. W. T. F right? But you know as I am writing this all I can do is giggle. I’m always the person that finds humor in awkward or inappropriate moments but that’s because sometimes situations are so outrageous or stressful that all you can do is laugh..

To be fair I only recapped the bad situations. I don’t want to come off as the complaining  type because I do know despite what has been happening I still feel VERY blessed. My living situation won’t last forever (even though it feels like it), nothing was taken during the break in and we changed the locks, My job situation has improved drastically I am now able to make my own schedule and I got a pay increase…and grad school is going good :). So I know for a fact that EVERYTHING will be okay. I know that’s super cliche to say but its true. As long as I am true to myself and genuine in what I do I know that everything will fall into place…

I had an epiphany! (sorry I always wanted to say that) … but all jokes aside I know that life wont be perfect but I vow to myself to not lose myself. I vow to myself to take a step back and GET MY LIFE (Tamar Braxton voice) when I’m feeling overwhelmed and too stressed out.


It felt good to get this off of my chest and  I apologize for my absence.

Thank you so much for reading.

Love always,


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