Where did your name come from?

My name is Jamie. I was named after my mom’s favorite uncle named James who passed away before I was born.

Growing up I never had any friends with the same name as me and I always thought that I had such a boring name. I would always try to come up with new spellings to try and make it more unique as if I could just change it just like that LOL. I used to hate that my name was unisex and that Jamie Foxx was so famous because people always thought that adding Foxx on the end of my name was soo funny.

As an adult I now appreciate the simplicity of my name. I also think its unique that my name can be a boy or girl name.

I love hearing stories behind why people are named what they are named.

What’s your name and the story behind it?

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  1. Jamie is a really nice name! 😊

    My name is Esther. I was named after my grandmother (dad’s mom)< who passed away when he was 3 yrs old.
    Growing up, everybody in the village used to tell me how much grandma was loved by people. She was a humble, kind and generous woman.
    I'm proud I was given that name. Because even though I didn't get to see her, she is a woman I admire and want to be like.

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