Broken hearted girl.

Have you ever felt so broken that there’s no way that you could fathom putting all the pieces together?

Have you ever felt so alone that you just want to lock yourself in a room and be left there?

Have you ever felt so down that no matter what positive thing you think of you couldn’t pick yourself up?

Why is it that the people who claimed to love you so much, are the same people who hurt you so bad?

Have you ever been in so much pain physically but the emotional pain still hurts worse?

I am at such a low point in my life and although I feel all of the above, I know that I need to remain strong. Somehow I need to find all the pieces of my heart and try desperately to put it back together even though it seems nearly impossible. 😢💔


The woman who needs to find some type of positive in her life to focus on in order to protect her sanity.

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  1. I hope you heart is mending. Yes, I have been there myself. It takes great courage to share the way “we” do. Sometime it feels like there is no better medicine. Stay Up!

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