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LOC JOURNEY: 6 Month Update!

Hey all!

I have started the loc journey! I was so hesitant for a long time because I’ve always been the type to change my hair often and was scared that locs wouldn’t be too versatile. Well Here I am a day away from my 7 month anniversary and I am SO HAPPY that I made the decision! I am mad about not starting sooner. They are so easy and I never have to think about what I am doing with my hair. The only con for me is that I feel like I always look the same. Before I got locs I could change my look depending on my hairstyle and I cant really do that with locs. I’m pretty sure that’s because I am still in the baby stages with not too much length. Take a look at my journey….

First Day:

JUNE 22,2018: Palm roll technique used to start. My husband helped me start and does my retwist.





August 2nd, 2018: A month & about a week in…


August 19th,2018: 3 days shy of month 2.


September 16th,2018: a couple days before Month 3. This is what it looks like when I need a retwist….


September 30th, 2018: 3 months in…


October 20th, 2018: Month 4


October 31st, 2018: Month 4 retwist…


November 25, 2018: Month 5 retwist time.. If you are wondering where that random long dread came from… I attached one of my husbands locs that had fallen out into my hair to see how it would look LOL.. not too bad


December 26, 2018: Month 6

January 18,2018: a couple days before month 7 🙂 excuse my dry face lol


All of my dread are officially loc’d!! now I’m just waiting for these babies to grow!!

Thanks for stopping by…

With Love,


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