TOP Pregnancy cravings

Currently I am six months pregnant with baby number 3 and TBH I’m mad nervous! I don’t know why, you would think that since this is my third time around I would be more comfortable but I overthink everything and this pregnancy has increased that but 1000%.

I’m not usually one to crave non food items or weird combinations but I definitely have some must haves!

images (3)

I’ve always been a water lover but this pregnancy has made me really appreciate and love water even more. I can easily drink a case of water by myself in a week. At night I literally wake up out of my sleep feeling like a fish out of water.


I don’t know how they managed to put heaven in a cup but they did. I like to imagine that these little gems help me with my on going, annoying ass heartburn but I don’t think it actually does LOL. The watermelon flavor is by far  the best one!!



One day I wanted cereal but I couldn’t decide whether I wanted French toast crunch or Reeses Puffs so I said to my self, “do you boo” and just mixed them together. See, I’m not normally a cereal mixer and I feel like I have been missing out this whole time. Try this!!


I’ve been loving some extra cold fruit! It has too be EXTRA cold though or I don’t want it.

unnamed (1)

HOT WINGS!! So funny story… I stopped eating meat for about 7 months just because it made me feel so bloated. In about month 4 of my pregnancy I literally couldn’t stop thinking about hot I would have dreams about them lol. My husband makes the best hot wings ever so he is usually the one who satisfies this craving.


Moms, have you had any cravings during pregnancy? Let me know in the comment section!

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Disclaimer: ALL pictures came from Google Images. I do not own them.

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