5 of my favorite ways to relax.


I love me some wine!! What I really like about wine is that there are so many different kinds and it’s smoother than liquor.

 Bubble bath w/ wine 

Cut off all of the lights, play some music and sip some wine. The only con to this is that my water always seems to get cold quick and I end up using all of the hot water.

listening to 90’s music 

I love love love 90’s music. It reminds me of growing up. I like to play 90’s hip hop when I need to clean and I listen to 90’s R&B when I’m just trying to relax and create a nice vibe.


Listen, A little weed never hurt anyone. My favorite time to smoke is actually before bed. It’s like when I exhale all of the petty shit from the day comes out.


I know this is a weird way to relax. I don’t mean that the act of organizing is relaxing but the aftermath is. It’s just something about an organized house/life that relaxes me so much.

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