DIY ‘microwavable’ HEAT PAD

Disclaimer: These are complete beginner projects so even mine won’t be perfect!


I found this DIY browsing on Pinterest. When I first saw this I figured it would be perfect for my cramps and back pain. The only items needed for this are fabric, rice and a sewing machine (or you can hand sew if you’re into that kind of torture). My wonderful husband was gracious enough to let me go through his clothes and use some of his old shirts for my projects, thanks babe! This was SUPER easy & quick to make.

I cut the fabric into two 10″ X 10″ squares. Since the shirt that I used was plaid it really helped in terms of measurement and cutting. The squares were .5 in X .5 in. 

I folded the fabric 1/2 an inch and pressed it then I lined the fabric wrong sides together.

linesssssew around the perimeter leaving the top open (black stitching).

I cut some of the excess fabric from around the corners to make the corners lay flatter and neater. Then I turned it right sides out and ironed it. Use your scissors to help with corners.

Then I measured 1.5″ and marked it with highlighter then sewed a line across horizontally (black stitching at the top) this will make it look neater in the end and  help to keep the rice in place


sew where you/I made the marks, back stitching at both ends for added strength.

I used a cup and a funnel to fill the spaces. You want to make sure the rice is PACKED in there but don’t fill it to the top (leave about an inch) because it still needs to be closed. So every couple seconds I kept pushing the rice down and made sure that it was stuffed in there really good


One of my spaces was a little smaller so I rolled up a piece of paper and was still able to get the rice in.

I pinned it down where the rice stopped and then sewed it 1/2 inch from the edge, back stitching at both ends of course.

Once you sew it take the needles out it’s ALL DONE! I heated it up for one minute to see if it worked and it actually did. It felt SOOO good when I put it on my back the following morning!!! 

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