Cherish your children ❤️

One day I was in the grocery store with my children (ages 2&4). They were making noises as kids do and I was busy trying to shush them while shopping. Which was and always is a trying task. For a brief moment I thought to myself “I hope that they aren’t disturbing people too much”. Then a random lady came up to me and said “the sounds that they are making are beautiful. I would love to hear that from my children again. They are all older now and I truly miss them being that little.” She told me to cherish those moments because I would definitely miss them when they get older.

Those words changed my whole shopping trip and thoughts. Now I try to cherish every moment even more with my children. I try to remember little things like the way they pronounce words, little facial gestures that they make, and so many other little things that I know will fade when they get older.

For moms and/or dads out there who find parenting stressful or feel like they can’t catch a break, I hope that this post brings some joy and is a reminder that you are doing a great job!

With love as always,

Jamie Jabber 💕

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