guilty pleasures

My 10 guilty pleasures

1. Reality tv

I don’t know what it is about reality TV but I can’t get enough

2. Chocolate

I consume chocolate in excess & it’s definitely not OK and is something I don’t plan on stopping.

3. Conversations with myself

I don’t know if this counts as a guilty pleasure or a little weird but I always have conversations with myself… like every day.

4. Kissing my kids excessively

I Understand that this might be a common guilty pleasure if it’s one at all. It’s just something about kissing my family that provides me with a great deal of comfort. It’s to the point where they push me away and stay clear of me but there’s no escaping me.

5. Flipping book pages

If you like to read you probably can definitely relate to this. There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you turn the page after reading. It’s like as the page turns I’m anticipating what’s on the next page and I’m excited to see where the story line is going.

6. Ice cream

Listen to me  when I tell you this. I. Love. Ice cream. I don’t care how cold it is, I eat ice cream all year around. I actually had some earlier & I was shivering after I was finished. The satisfaction outweighs the suffering as always.

7. Hack videos/articles

I adore hacks! I can read/watch them all the time. If you ever want me to read or watch something just include hacks in the title.

8. Museums

Museums are so amazing. They are filled with so many awesome things. What I like about museums is that you can literally get lost for hours in the information and visuals.

9. Fun facts

I guess I love fun facts for the same reasons I like hacks. I love how random fun facts are.

10. Winding the bobbin on my sewing machine

You’ll get this if you are a sewer. If someone finds a job where you get paid to do this let me know lol!

What are some of your guilty pleasures? Do we share similar ones?

Thank for stopping by!

With love as always,


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