My Favorite things: Skin care edition

Hey there! Since its winter I wanted to make a post about some of my favorite skin care products.


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I found these casually strolling through one of my favorite places on earth, Walmart. There were one $2.50 so I figured why not. I LOVE it. I use one and my gave my husband the other to use for cleaning his beard (he likes it). They are so soft and perfect as an everyday face cleaning tool. I also use the spin brush (off brand of clarisonic) but I find the spin brush to be a little harsh sometimes. I think it’s good for removing makeup residue but not for everyday use, at least not for me.


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This mask is everything! I have super oily skin and this helps. I use this anytime I’m feeling like a piece of fried chicken. After using this I apply baby lotion to moisturize.


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This is definitely an oldie but goodie. I absolutely adore this stuff!! I love the little beads in it because it helps to really exfoliate the skin and it lasts forever because you don’t need a lot of it.


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I found this once I had my daughter. My skin did a 180 on me and all my old products irritated me. This was the only thing that worked for me. At this point this is the only body wash I trust.


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When I first saw the commercial for this a couple of years ago I was both skeptical and interested. I convinced myself that it couldn’t possibly work until I went to my mother in love’s (Mother in Law) house and she insisted that I try hers. I did and I was so shocked. It actually worked. I use more than recommended ( I have no self control). It makes my skin feel soft. This is perfect for that shower before bed. I really wouldn’t recommend this as a all day moisturizer though.


What are some of your favorite skin care products? Have you tried any that I listed?

As always thanks for stopping by!

With love as always,


Disclaimer: All products were bought with my own money.

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