Loc product haul

I needed to re-up on some products for my locs and I decided to try some new items.. So I took a trip to my local hair store…..Side bar- what do you call your local beauty supply store. I always say hair store but as I’m writing this it looks weird spelled out so comment and let me know what you say… Any who, back to the matter at hand.

loc numbered

  1. Bobby Pins – Is it just me or do bobby pins disappear as soon as you get them home? you can never have too many bobby pins.

  2. Rat tail comb – I honestly have plenty if these at home but I got this one because its pink.

  3. Jamaican & Lime no more itch spray – This is a new product I’m trying to help with itching and hopefully it can act as a leave in conditioner.

  4. Castor Oil – Castor Oil has a bunch of benefits for your skin and hair so one can never have too much.

  5. Lock Gro – Another new product that I’m trying. I’m hoping that it’s better than other retwist product that I used to use.

  6. Rubber band- Rubber bands are like bobby pins, you can never have enough. I use rubber bands a lot when I’m styling our locs.

  7. Locking gel – This is also a new product that I’m trying for retwists. I used to use Ampro gel but I don’t like the build up from using it and it makes our (my family) locs itchy. So far I like this product. I used it to retwist my son and daughter’s hair recently and loved the results.

  8. Duck Bill clips – I needed bigger clips to hold more dreads while retwisting.

I am always on the look out for more products to try so if you have any recommendations please feel free to comment below.

Thanks for stopping by

With love as always,


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