DIY scrabble wall decor

I just got a new cricut explore air and for my first project I wanted to make scrabble wall decor. This DIY was VERY EASY!

For this DIY I used 3×3 inch wooden square tiles that I got from Amazon that you can purchase below ⇓

I used the everyday iron vinyl by cricut for the numbers/letters.


I would definitely recommend that you make a rough draft of what you want your words to look like


I wrote down the amount of each letter I would need and the number that is next to each letter on actual scrabble letters.


I typed the letters and numbers that I needed and figured out how big I wanted them

Now that I knew what size I wanted, I copied the number and placed it next to the letter and attached them so that the number and letter could be moved together.

After I was done I pressed make it and that’s where I checked to make sure that the sizes were ok and I moved around the letters to make sure that I was using my space wisely and there was enough room for me to cut my letters. Spoiler alert I made my letters way too big for my tiles and I wasted a whole sheet of vinyl (which I will force myself to use at some point).

Its very Important to make sure that you mirror any IRON ON and I set my machine to custom and picked “Everyday Iron on” from the list of custom materials.


I was so nervous to start the cutting process since this was my first project LOL.

I peeled away the vinyl and weeded the little parts away which was so satisfyingly annoying.

I cut the letter and ironed them on. I covered it with one of my scarfs but that wasn’t a good idea because it transferred a little bit so I used a plain white tank top but you could honestly do without covering it with anything.

I used command picture hanging tags that I ordered from amazon which were perfect. I love command strips!!! They are perfect for everything!!



I cut the command strips in half to get the best bang for my buck.


Here’s the finished product and the start of my gallery wall!! I hope you enjoyed my DIY and I look forward to many more using my new cricut machine!!

Thanks for stopping by,

With Love as Always,


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