Hang in there

Hi all! Hope everyone is staying safe during this pandemic. It’s feels surreal that I am living through a pandemic. I’ve been holding up okay, if anything, I am mentally exhausted from everything involving CORONAVIRUS (cardi B voice).

I am considered and essential worker as I work as a “counselor” in a group home. I’m not going to lie it was difficult going to work at first because I didn’t want to put my kids in danger and quite frankly I was scared. Then I saw how so many people are losing their jobs and that helped me to appreciate what I have even though it still sucks. My husband is also considered an essential worker since he works in a nursing home as a CNA and there have been confirmed cases at his job with both the residents and staff.

I want to complain but as I am typing I realize that I am blessed in more ways than one. My life really hasn’t changed much since this whole pandemic started. I mean yea, it’s not the SAME, but others have been much more negatively affected by it. I am happy that my family is safe and healthy as of right now because I know that there are PLENTY of others who aren’t.

Even though I am not technically quarantined, I have been feeling more ambitious than ever. I’ve developed a new business idea and I’m so excited to launch in a couple months. I’ve also been crafting to keep myself and my kids busy!

If you are an essential worker during this pandemic I’m praying for you and THANK YOU!

If you have lost a loved one, I send my deepest condolences.

If you have lost a job or your business is hurting,  I  pray that you are blessed and will bounce back better than ever.

Thanks for stopping by!

With love as always,


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